ArtSpace at Metropolitan Press presents the November show, Elements, curated by The Artsy Monkey LLC. Artist Brenda Woodson and Photographer Asher Swan have joined forces for a unique exhibition of paintings and photography that explore the four major elements. Elements is showing November 1-22, 2017. Join us for the Artist Reception on Thursday, November 9, 6-9pm.

From Brenda Woodson:

I create abstract acrylic paintings utilizing the circle to explore perfection, the self, and wholeness… The painting technique I use involves scraping paint onto the canvas to create a focal point and then texturizing the surface to reveal irregularities and imperfections. This creates a contrast between the symbolic shape and the imperfect reality. My art aims to represent how, in our individual journey for wholeness, we must learn to accept imperfections in ourselves and others.

From Asher Swan:

When selecting these images for this show I wanted to depict a unique perspective of what the elements of nature can encompass. I wanted to give thought and resonance to the landscape to which we live through my imagery. The abandoned series I call “The Things we leave Behind” I have selected because we as humans tend to inhabit a place and when done leave it the wind and let earth have it back. The images tell the story of that. What once was so dear and important to someone is now left to the Elements to regain.

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