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This month at ArtSpace at Metropolitan Press we are proud to host artists from The Bridge Artgroup, including alumni from the program based in downtown Dallas, showcasing work created at The Bridge’s weekly art program. Curated by 11-year volunteer of the Artgroup, Denny Doran, this month’s show at ArtSpace, From the Street, offers viewers a glimpse into the hearts and lives of these remarkable artists. Please join us at this month’s Artist Reception on Thursday, June 6, from 5pm to 8pm, and support the artists and From the Street.

From the Street: The Bridge Artgroup & Alumni
Showing: June 3-21, 2019
Artist Reception: Thursday, June 6, 5-8pm

About The Bridge Artgroup

The Bridge Artgroup was created in a conversation between Dallas artist Denny Doran and then-Volunteer-Coordinator Alonzo Peterson at the Bridge in 2008, starting as a drawing class and very quickly becoming much more. Denny was joined several months later by Art Instructor Emeritus of the Winston School and fellow artist Judy Culbertson and for the last eleven years Denny and Judy have produced the Bridge Artgroup along with a host of other artists and community members from all walks of life.

In 2012 the Artgroup requested permission from the City of Dallas to create and install a large mosaic downtown produced and installed by volunteers from the community alongside many homeless participants. In 2013 The City Office of Cultural Affairs granted them permission and the Meadows Foundation granted the Artgroup funds.

The mosaic is ten feet wide and twelve feet tall and depicts vibrantly a tree of life growing out of a bridge. Every person that worked on it had their hand sand-casted in plaster, and the seventy different cast hands line the mosaic as a striking frame. The mosaic is in the Pavilion at the Bridge on a wall that two hundred and fifty folks sleep under every night.

Bubba Mitchell came to the Bridge as a client in 2012 and quickly found the Artgroup. Through support from various services at the Bridge he was able to have his severe glaucoma arrested and through disabilty services found residence in the Bishop Arts District. He has been a volunteer producing the Artgroup for six years.

Heidi Hiser is a resident of downtown and has been an indispensable Artgroup volunteer since May of 2016.

Together this team of artists provide a creative space every Wednesday afternoon at the Bridge campus downtown located at 1818 Corsicana.

People draw, paint, make assemblages, knit, make a lot of jewelry, play piano and do some very serious coloring books. Some folks come once or occasionally, some come regularly.

The rules are simple. Everyone gets to participate. You have to be nice. The same rules that five-year-olds happily play by have worked very well for eleven years at Artgroup.

The Artgroup is greatly honored with this rare opportunity to show works produced by the group and alumni. Many of the works will be for sale and the revenues are being entirely given to the artists without commission.

The Bridge is a nonprofit organization that provides innovative homeless recovery services including food, day and night shelter, one-on-one case management, and behavioral health services to adults experiencing homelessness in Dallas so they can find their way back home.

Find out more about The Bridge and the services they provide at

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About Us

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ArtSpace hours: Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm & for this month’s Artist Reception, June 6, 5-8pm

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