To combine four colors: C-M-Y-K
Those create a rainbow to brighten your day

We start with design; a professional crew
Works on Majesty Drive to assist you

Design is done, proofreading is next
Lest typos and errors leave us vexed

On to the presses! Our staff shouts with glee
Selecting the paper type so carefully

The pressmen with years of experience know
Just what to do, step by step’s how they go

Once the ink dries, then the finishing starts
Trim, fold and stitch, each machine has its part

In the end all eyes examine once more
This beautiful piece of art, as it heads out the door

“Goodbye and so long!” the team mournfully cries
but wait, more’s to come! Our sales reps reply

And so at Metropolitan the work starts again
On to the next colorful project, we can’t wait to begin!


Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope you enjoyed our poem, dedicated to our amazing customers, from your friends and devoted local printer, Metropolitan Press.

Make poetry with us!

And by poetry we mean your print and design projects, mailings, event invitations, marketing and personalized gift items – we are here to provide these services and many more! Metropolitan Press is your local printer, providing professional print, design, promo items, mail services and more to North Texas nonprofits and commercial businesses. Whatever your print and marketing needs, we are at your service. Give us a call at 214.635.3131 or contact us at