A dozen meetings, hours of designing, reviewing, and tweaking… the file is ready to print! Now what?

We accept a variety of formats for print: PDF, EPS, TIF or JPG. We will also accept your original design file, with all images/links and fonts. The best way to submit your print-ready art is to send us a PDF of your file. When creating your PDF, choose the PDF/X-1a:2001 specification, or Press Quality when exporting or converting your file.

All full-color artwork must be provided in CMYK; one- or two- spot color jobs should be submitted as EPS, PDF or Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. Fonts must be embedded in PDF files, outlined or converted to paths or curves in EPS and AI files.

You can email your print-ready PDF or other file format to your Customer Service Representative directly, or if it is too large to email, you can simply and easily upload your file through our website (see File Uploads).

We are always happy to walk you through creating a print-ready PDF from your design file, or answer any questions you have about submitting your project to us. After all those meetings and email threads, this will be the easy part!