We have recycling baskets at every work station. We have recycling gondolas in the press room (a giant container, in case you are wondering). We recycle in our break room. We recycle our toner. But then there’s more.

Our house stocks all contain at least 10% post-consumer waste. Our inks are soy-based and our pre-press process is chemistry free. (Read: no nasty chemicals to dispose of.) We offer even more paper stocks with higher recycled content for our clients to choose from.

You may ask yourself, but how can printing be green? A common question. And the answer might surprise you.

Did you know that when you compare printing a newsletter versus sending an e-newsletter, the paper newsletter is actually greener? The majority of electricity in the U.S. is derived from non-renewable fossil fuels, while about 65% of the energy used to make paper comes from renewable energy sources (chooseprint.org).  After all, print is made from paper, a completely renewable resource – which also gets recycled the majority of the time, unlike electronic waste. Something to think about, the next time you check your email!