For many, many years now, one of the biggest highlights of the year for Metropolitan Press has been the lead-up to North Texas Giving Day, and of course, the day itself. Why is that? Because it is a time more than any other that we get to really see our North Texas nonprofit clients, their heart and passion for what they do and who they serve, up close and personal, as we help them prepare for this incredible day of giving.

We know firsthand, seeing it time and again, that North Texas Giving Day is a day like no other in driving thousands of North Texans to give above and beyond what they do the rest of the year, to these organizations, and to find out more about the nonprofits themselves, maybe even for the first time!

In short, we believe in the power of North Texas Giving Day, the power of a community who cares and gives and supports one another. And Metropolitan Press is here to help you and your organization make the most of this incredible day of giving!

So many resources!

The Communities Foundation of Texas website,, offers so many fantastic resources for nonprofit organizations, businesses looking to get involved, and givers. For North Texas nonprofits, the help is invaluable. The energetic team behind North Texas Giving Day has put together an easy to use marketing toolkit with a handy schedule, communication key points, graphics you can use on emails, social media pages, and in your printed pieces.

And here is where Metropolitan Press has made your work even easier – and affordable! We offer special pricing for North Texas Giving Day print materials and these rates can help you stretch your giving day budget and reach your goals! We also have multiple templates for a wide variety of print materials, and new personalized options this year as well.

NEW THIS YEAR: Personalized Postcards & More

You know your organization is so much more than a name and a logo. Personalize your #NTXGivingDay postcards, signs, flyers and more with photos of your nonprofit at work. Show your potential donors exactly what your organization is all about with images from events, your service in the community, and who you are. What a great way to engage your audience, donors and volunteers with this personal glimpse into what makes you tick. See new custom options for 2020 and order at

When you visit Metropolitan’s North Texas Giving Day order page, you will see TWO options this year for ordering: a Standard Order Form and a Personalized Order Form. You can customize all of your print materials with your logo, organization name, and contact information, as per usual; but new this year, you can add images of your own, or if you need assistance, we can fill in the spaces with stock photography that matches your specifications. Browse the order page and links to the order forms to see the full range of options available.

Feature Your Branding: Fully Customized Designs for YouProfessional Design Services

Looking for something… entirely different? We can do that, too!

Metropolitan Press provides professional design services at a special nonprofit rate. Put our designers to work! We can design an entirely customized postcard or any printed materials for North Texas Giving Day (and any day, for that matter) that says you all over it. Your branding, logos, images, colors, and your message, we can do it. Whether you need our design assistance, or you have a print-ready design of your own, let Metropolitan Press help you get the word out. We are your North Texas full service printer… and designer!

You may fill out the order form if you know what size and quantity print items you would like to order, and include a note requesting design services. Or, contact us by calling 214-635-3131 or email

Action Item: Important Links for You

Be sure to check out all the useful links and information at – there are an abundance of tools and helpful trainings, too, from Communities Foundation of Texas.

And visit Metropolitan’s online order form for your North Texas Giving Day needs: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn even more about what we do, useful printing and designing tips, fun facts about paper and printing, and more. We are your North Texas printer, and we are here for you!

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