North Texas Giving Day: Our favorite time of the year! It’s almost here… are you ready? Metropolitan Press is here to help you and your organization make the most of it.

Make Your Outreach a Success!

North Texas Giving Day EventFrom direct mail to yard signs, we’ve got your lead-up to Giving Day covered, as always. But did you know? Metropolitan offers so much more to make your outreach for North Texas Giving Day a success! From the super fun photo frames to giant banners and posters, we’ve got a whole lot you can use that will help increase your exposure and engage your donors. Pop-up banners and window clings can have every sidewalk, wall and window of your office or outdoor event space shouting your message and organization’s name proudly. We’ve got stickers and gift items, everything from pens to hats, tote bags, travel mugs and wine tumblers, doggy treats and key chains, sunglasses, technology items… you get the idea! Check out the Promo Items tab at for a few new ideas! Or better yet, give us a call at 214-635-3131 or email and we can help with those specialty items right away.

Gifts, giveaways, raffle prizes – it all means brand exposure and engagement with the North Texas community. But we want to make your North Texas Giving Day event a safe one, too. Metropolitan offers a variety of personal protective equipment – customized for you as well! – from face masks to hand sanitizer stations, important signage and floor clings to encourage social distancing, to sneeze guards and outdoor tents. Check out our new online catalogue with so many items to fulfill your PPE needs, on our website or click here.

Plan Ahead: Post-North Texas Giving Day

We can print your Thank You Notes, too! The team at offers this suggestion, following the big day:

After North Texas Giving Day, send a heartfelt thank you to your supporters. Bonus points if you personalize or handwrite parts of the note. Share exactly how their support will be put to work.

We can mail them to your donors, or print them for you to personalize and mail on your own. And don’t forget to remind your donors about volunteer opportunities and other ways they can be a part of your mission all year long! Metropolitan can help with that, too, from newsletters, appeal letters, annual reports, promo items and more, just let us know how we can help you with your print and marketing needs and your organization’s next campaign.

What Comes Next?

Whatever your next print project may be, we are here for you! From graphic design, guided paper choices, to digital and offset print services, mailing, customized gift items, apparel and more, Metropolitan Press is ready to help. Contact us and let us know what we can do for you – for North Texas Giving Day and for any day!