Now showing at Metropolitan ArtSpace! Framed Emotion, featuring the work of Charles McDowell and Jim D. Johnson. Hailing from Las Vegas (Charles) and East Texas (Jim), decades apart in age, miles between in style, but the raw emotion portrayed in their art is a connection you will feel deep inside, as you walk through our gallery this month.

Meet the artists behind these varied, prismatic and elegant works at this month’s reception. Mark your calendar for Thursday, February 13 for the Artist Reception, where 10% from Mypolarlife proceeds (the artwork of Charles McDowell) will go toward mental health awareness, at

Framed Emotion: Charles McDowell & Jim D. Johnson
Showing: February 5-26, 2020
Artist Reception: Thursday, February 13, 5-8pm

About the artists

Featuring Mypolarlife-Framed Emotion Series

As an artist, I work on controlled emotion. It can be derived from an outside source or from a dream. Whatever it may be, it leads me toward a journey to appreciate the skills of other artists. As a Las Vegas native, I grew up in an environment that never acknowledged mental illness. In a predominantly black neighborhood, tragedies like suicide were viewed as a sign of weakness. Today, I understand that chemical imbalances in the brain can occur and influence decision making. So the decision to commit suicide becomes a permanent solution for a temporary problem.

As the founder and owner of MYPOLARLIFE, my quest is to empower those who lack clarity as they face mental illness within their community, their family, or themselves. Mental illness is traditionally stigmatized; however, I have found that art allows for a release—it allows me to express my mental state in a positive way and, in turn, reverse the stigma. I use art to harmonize the emotions I feel with the way in which I perceive the world around me, and I want to create a place where others can do the same.

Find Charles on Instagram: polarseeker.

Metropolitan ArtSpace FebruaryJIM D. JOHNSON

Jimmy Dee Johnson was born in Dallas County in 1937. A 7th generation Texan, his family is from Lone Oak, a city of about 500 people located in East Texas. In 1955 Jim married Ruth Arnett, his high school sweetheart.

He was first introduced to art history at Woodrow Wilson High School. While pop art was emerging as “the future of art” Jim was drawn to the action works of Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline, and Jackson Pollack.

Over the years Jim produced many types and styles of art including portraits, sketches, sculpting, and murals. He also spent a fair amount of time exploring different techniques with acrylic, oil and watercolors.

2016 was a year that brought pain and devastation as a fire destroyed Jimmy and Ruth’s Rockwall, Texas home. In addition to losing years of memories, all of Jim’s art and art supplies were lost in the fire. From that tragedy came a new perspective on life and art. Since the fire Jim has produced powerful abstract works utilizing splattering, pouring, and other non-brush techniques. His work is bold, colorful, and unique.

Jim now lives in Flower Mound, TX with Ruth Johnson, his wife of 65 years.

Metropolitan ArtSpace February

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