• 78 nonprofits received donations

  • 141 individual donations

  • $9,745 in matching donations from Metropolitan Press and sponsors

  • Grand total of $24,050 raised in 4 hours!

At Metropolitan Press, we love doing all we can to support nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit community. What a tremendous night we had, and we loved seeing you all come out to join us for #NTxGivingDay and supporting your favorite nonprofits as well! We extend a big thank you, again, to our corporate sponsors who joined with Metropolitan Press to match the donations that came in during the party, matching with a grand total of $9,745! Thank you to our matching funds partners: Clampitt Paper, Corporate Communications, Express Booksellers, Texas Security Bank, and Dallas NPO Hub.

We’d also like to thank everyone who helped make the night a great success, including the organizations that call our nonprofit hub in Dallas home: The Oasis Center, Shakespeare Dallas, and the Writer’s Garret; as well as musician Jessica G, Art For Your Cause, Liz London Art Gallery, Ed Hall Studio, and Duke Horn Studio, and ArtSpace at Metropolitan Press, presenting the North Texas Printmakers Guild.

The official numbers are still being tallied, but check out www.northtexasgivingday.org for the final amount raised on this year’s North Texas Giving Day – but at the moment, it looks like last year’s record amount raised has been smashed, with over $48 Million raised – way to go!