April ushers in colorful blooms, lovely weather, and the season of all things green and growing. Celebrate the greenest time of year, as well as Earth Day, by joining Mother Nature in creating something new! Sift through the recycle bin, sort through the trash, rescue a few things destined for the landfill, and make some art.

A simple online search for “recycled art projects for kids” reveals an overwhelming plethora of activities. You and your little ones could have one for every day of the year, and happily find new and creative uses for all kinds of household objects previously headed to the trash! However, if you’re the typical busy parent, there’s no time to sift through those projects to find the right DIY for your kiddo. With that in mind, we’ve created a curated list of fun recycled art projects for the family.

Don’t have all the supplies at hand? That’s the beauty of recycled object-based art. Adapt as needed, use what you have readily available, and off you go!

Earth Day Recycled Art

Recycled Art for the Preschool Crowd

Collect your bottle caps  and make this adorable Bottle Cap Art Ocean Scene from iheartcraftythings.com! Find the full instructions and samples of this and more bottle cap art here.

You’ll need: blue cardstock paper, bottle caps (from milk jugs, water bottles, glass bottles, etc.), colored cardstock paper (for the fish tails), wiggly eyes, black marker, green tissue paper, glitter glue, white paint, paper straw, 2 small paper plates, and school glue


  1. To make the fish you need a milk cap and a triangle shape cut from cardstock paper. Start by gluing the triangle down on a blue sheet of paper. Squeeze some school glue onto one of your paper plates. Dip your bottle cap into the glue to give it a generous amount all around the rim and then glue the milk cap down overlapping the triangle to make the fish shape.
  2. Continue adding fish all over your paper. Finish them by gluing on a wiggly eye.
  3. Add detail with markers or glitter glue. Make bubbles by dipping the end of a straw into white paint and press it onto your paper around the fish. Add water plants by scrunching up green tissue paper and gluing around the fish.

Earth Day Recycled Art

Art for the Green Thumb School-aged Gang

We’ve been planting for spring-time, and what better way to decorate your outdoor space than creating these Recycled Water Bottle Hanging Planters from Momtastic! Check out this link for step-by-step photos.

You’ll need: recycled (dry) plastic water bottles with lids, craft paint, paintbrush, painter’s tape, yarn, and scissors


  1. Cut plastic bottle 1/3 from the bottom of the container.
  2. Cut painters tape into shapes and secure to the bottle.
  3. Paint the water bottle and remove painter’s tape after the paint has dried.
  4. Cut four holes halfway down the bottle for yarn to pass through. Thread and secure the top of the yarn (for hanging).
  5. Fill with soil and a plant of your choice.

Earth Day Recycled Art

A Beautiful Challenge: Recycled Art for Teens

Create wearable recycled art by using outgrown t-shirts for these sweet Recycled T-Shirt Bracelets from Crafts by Amanda! Find the full instructions here.

You’ll need: recycled t-shirts (the more colorful, the better!), simple bangle bracelets, scissors, and a hot glue gun


  1. Cut your recycled t-shirts into strips.
  2. Braid them together and wrap them around a metal bangle.
  3. Use hot glue to secure.

Earth Day Recycled Art

A Recycled Family Game Night

The best part about recycled creations? There is no limit to what you can use! Creativity reigns in this Recycled Cardboard Marble Maze from Hello Wonderful. Find full instructions and inspiration here OR a super-sized version here!

Make a giant maze for the family to solve together, or have each person make one, then the competition begins. Who will win for most difficult maze, highest aesthetic appeal, or fastest time from start to finish?

You’ll need: shallow cardboard box, paint (optional, for decorating), straws, wooden bits like small wooden beads, mini blocks and spools, hot glue gun, scissors, pencil, and a small marble or wooden bead


Start with a shallow cardboard box, draw your maze in pencil, then glue in the barriers, borders, dead-end stoppers, and don’t forget to clearly label the start and finish!

  1. Paint your box if you’d like. Draw out a maze in pencil. Clearly label the start and finish.
  2. Cut out straws and hot glue onto the penciled maze as barriers and borders.
  3. Use your wooden bits, beads, or mini wooden spools to act as dead-end stoppers and obstructions.
  4. To play, use a wooden bead or marble and drive it around your newly constructed maze by tilting the box.

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