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What is “Print Ready” Part 4: File Format and Exporting

We're lucky enough to live in a day and age where we have multiple different kinds of computers and software at our fingertips. There's Macs and PCs. There's Adobe programs, as well as many other new ways to create all kinds of different designs. With all these choices however, comes one centralized issue. How do [...]

Summer Lovin’

Well folks, it’s officially May! You know what that means… Summer is finally around the corner. We would definitely say that Memorial Day is the unofficial inauguration of Summertime... and if that's true, then we suppose Labor Day is known as either its counterpart, bookend, or even its funeral. Nevertheless, for Metropolitan there’s a lot [...]

What is “Print Ready?” Part 2: Margins

You've heard of them! We all had to make our margins nice and big when we were in school, so we could make our essays look longer than they actually were, right?! Well that bad little habit of ours has hindered our inherent ability to do what's best for making our prints, "print ready." So [...]

What is “Print Ready?” Part 1: Bleeds

Recently, we’ve had a lot of our clients asking us what it takes to make a document “print ready.” They know they want to help make the printing process run smoothly, but aren’t always sure what needs to be done to their documents before getting them to us. Let us first start off by saying, [...]

Welcome to Our Newest Additions!

We’ve got new faces around here once again! Metropolitan Press would like to welcome, and introduce you to, our two newest staff members, Colten Hill and Luis Marroquin. Meet Colten! Q: Are you from the Dallas area? A: No, I actually just moved here in January after my fiancé was transferred from Houston, where we [...]

Metropolitan Press is Hiring!

Become part of the Metropolitan Press team and add your energy and passion for excellence in printing to ours. We work hard to support the non-profit community in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and are looking for the right people to join us in this work. Does this position have your name all over it? To [...]

Announcing: The Future of Print in DFW

Welcome aboard, Masterpiece! On September 1, 2015 Masterpiece Printing joined forces with Metropolitan Press to bring an even greater array of print services to our valued clients in the DFW metroplex and beyond. As we grow in our capabilities, we also increase in numbers, adding even more to the depth of experience and passion of [...]

A9, Bar4… Name that tune!

No, it’s not a song we’re humming. Envelope names and the corresponding size can start to sound like musical notes, though. If you need help determining what size envelope you need for your mailing, just give us a call. We can guide you to what will best fit and meet your mailing needs. When designing [...]

Color Confusion? Let Us Help.

The print world comes with a lot of abbreviations, pseudonyms and a whole new vocabulary. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) is your full-color printing option. Color photos, colorful newsletters and brochures, and print pieces designed using process colors instead of spot colors are printed CMYK, or 4-color. Spot colors, frequently referred to as PANTONE [...]

Happy New Year!

What a year 2014 has been at Metropolitan Press! We love working with area nonprofits and businesses alike to grow their organizations and strengthen their community presence through excellent, professional print materials. Gala invitations, arts brochures, business cards, monthly newsletters and annual reports – we’ve printed it all. Once again, printing for North Texas Giving [...]