Promotional items are a very interesting phenomenon, in that there’s an exorbitant amount of uses for them in an effort to grow your business. Yes, promo items involve handing out those elusive branded pens and lanyards we seem to never be able to get away from. But here’s the thing, these items can help you much more than you think. You just have to know how to get the most out of them.

Let us first start off by saying, those pens you might think are a little frivolous, really do serve a purpose. Same for the lanyards. Same for t-shirts, etc. It’s getting the word out there visually for your business or organization, even if it’s just subliminally. Not everyone has the means to go out and do outreach full time, so it’s crucial to take advantage of as many vehicles as possible. So something as simple as your logo on a pen can really do wonders, especially if you’re thinking about whose hand it ends up in. Yes, they should be given to your employees, your clients, and of course your leads. But what about your colleagues, or your neighbors? If you have board members with other jobs, see if they’ll bring pens with them. Ask if they’ll wear the shirt to work. Ask if they’ll put the lanyard on their key chain. Make sure whatever you have doesn’t just have your logo, but also a website next to it. Have a meeting specifically about how to explain your business’s or organization’s mission in two to three sentences. That way they’ll be more inclined to bring it up on their own, rather than waiting to be prompted and asked. Thinking about as many scenarios as possible will help you to cover more and more bases, and ultimately make a big difference.

But… Lets say you’ve grown tired of the typical promo item game. You don’t want the pens, or the lanyards, or the t-shirts, or anything all the other organizations have. Your organization is so unique, has such a different model, and you just don’t think they’ll benefit from that stuff. Okay… that’s fine. We can respect that. But chances are, there IS a product that could highlight your organization perfectly. If you’re a local beekeeping organization, and you focus quite a bit on conservation, maybe you’d benefit from a stress ball shaped like a bee. You can get those with your logo on them. Maybe you have a small film organization that teaches kids how to make movies, and you do a monthly movie night. You can get metal popcorn tins with your logo on them to hand out to all attendees. The sky really is the limit because you can always tailor promo items to be as in line with your cause as possible.

Aren’t sure where to start? Let’s have a meeting together. Come teach us all about what it is you do, and we’ll help you figure out a good course of action for your promo item journey. We’reĀ Metropolitan Press and we’re a commercial printing company located in Dallas, Texas. We provide offset, digital, and large format printing; along with graphic design, mail service and fulfillment, and of course promotional items! In addition to your specialized promo items, let us help you with your brochures, postcards, or event collateral and signage!